Aryan Creative Agency Work Process

Aryan Creative Agency Work Process

We start by collecting assets, understanding the project scope, interviewing users, and asking targeted questions to help determine the emotion of the brand.


We like to dig deep to understand the industry, competition, and analagous concepts across verticals.


After all components of the application have been compiled, I break that down into naturally occurring categories and priority.


For marketing pages, We treat the messaging with my proven formula to capture the user’s attention, drive up their interest, and get them to convert. Within the application, we clearly explain what the user can achieve on each interface.


All of previous components are taken through a bunch of iterations on paper while We  explore to find the best flow and design patterns for the site or application.


The sketches are brought to life in high-fidelity mockups, which will be presented for feedback. Iterations follow.


When mockups are approved we  get busy cranking out efficient and reusable code to add the magic that makes the application work.


Depending on the scope of the project, this is where we really make things shine; adding animations, transitions, and other components to improve the user’s experience.


The most important part of the process is seeing how the users react. we  use various tools to record the interaction of users within the app, as well as talk directly to customers to get their feedback.


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